Yamaha CP300

I played one of these a few times and always wanted to own one. Back in the day, I imagined having a CP-300 in my office, a nice, compact, but really nice-sounding keyboard that I could escape to in between conference calls. But it just wasn’t practical, and I never had a couple of grand to spare for the luxury. I gotta say it’s a great instrument. Great feel and great sound. It’s one of those axes that feels inspirational to play. The yamaha cp300 is still the centerpiece of a friend’s studio, and there are some days when there is nothing more satisfying then hitting the power button and playing – no computers, no sound system, no cables, just the pleasure of a fine instrument.

CP300’s internal speakers provide more than just the sound of the piano – they actually resonate the instrument’s cabinet to give it more of an acoustic piano experience. Just so nice to be able to turn on and play. Bonus is the audio ins, you can run other few keyboards into a Rolls mini-mixer and send the mixer outs to the audio ins. Very handy indeed.

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