Tube Combo Guitar Amplifiers

My friend  had a couple Egnater Rebel 20 watt Egnater heads and he absolutely loved them.  He had zero problems with his. The tubes burnt out a little faster than normal but that’s because he was running them at full blast all the time, I think. Even then it wasn’t anything too crazy.   After a couple of years he purchased an Egnater Tweaker-40 112 40W 1×12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp when he found a great deal here!

He chose the Tweaker over a Haze amp. The Tweaker is in a different league than the Haze in my opinion. He loves the Tweaker head through the Rebel 1×12 or Tourmaster 2×12 with the Elite 80’s.

I am looking to buy a Laney Ironheart All-Tube 30W 1×12 Guitar Combo, I only have the IRT-studio, which is essentially almost the same thing but only at 15 watts.

So far I am happy with mine. I like the cleans and the drive.

They handle classic rock pretty well even though it’s touted as a high gain amp.

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