Mitchell Ukulele

Hands down best place to get music gear!!! If you want to feel like someone actually cares about your business, just head over to them. I have been a customer at all the big music stores , and while all of them have their place and special items this store really takes the prize as #1. Recently, I purchased a mitchell ukulele from them and as usual I was very pleased with their service with and with the item that I purchased.

Mitchell Concert Ukulele

As a musician I can tell you that they have helped me get the things I need when I need them. Their selection is massive, their staff are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. I have never had a more hassle free and rewarding retail experience than I have had with them.  I highly recommend to everyone to check it out and save the trip anywhere else..  This is the store that gets it right.

Mitchell Concert UkuleleMitchell Ukulele

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