Mac Make-Ups and Shu Uemura

565402_10151313367099608_1849462746_nHello girls!! I would like to share to all of you my semi-natural look at work or outdoor. Why semi natural? Because of the drama that my blush on gives . Please don’t give me an excuse that you’re not bothered to glamourize because you are ONLY going to work! No!! Our work gives us the finances to support our daily needs, therefore, we must ensure that we stand out all the time . most of all, to all ladies that are in a relationship, you must know how to keep your man. The world is competitive so it’s everybody’s ball game, that’s why don’t slack down. Looking good is feeling good. A little glow won’t hurt you. Being pretty is not a crime, but it’s a threat to anybody.. I love you all.

List of my make ups are listed below.

1. MAC lipstick – shade COSMO


3. MAC concealer- NW25 studio finish

4. MAC mineralize skinfinish natural.

5. SHU UEMURA eyelash curler- THE BEST & A MUST HAVE.  


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