Guitar Pickups

My friend got the new hetfield pickups and installed them in his silverburst les paul.
He only got to play them for about 45 minutes but they are cool. They sound a little bit different than the 81 and 60 he was using. He have been an emg user for many years and always liked the 81 and 60 and he wanted to try the het set and see what it was about.

The guitar pickups are pretty cool looking, the tone is still the same emg type sound and feel and its not a night and day difference but they are different. I can hear more lows and a fuller sound, they still have alot of highs but arent as sharp as the 81 highs, they have more mids too.
The feel is tight and they are clear sounding, the neck pickup sounded nice for leads and is fuller and warmer sounding.

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