Guitar Center OKC

My cousin and I was in Oklahoma and was looking for a new guitar.  We were also with his 9 year old son. We went to guitar center okc and the guy working that day was very nice and knowledgeable.  My cousin bought a Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR and I ended up not buying the guitar I want due to cash constraints.  I did however notice that it had been set up RIGHT.

I so appreciated the attention and service I got, and the way  my cousin, nephew and I were treated that I bought a few odds and ends to support them.  The place is very neat and clean, and well laid out.  They were very also patient while my cousin compared several brands over and over again trying to decide which sound he liked best.  My cousin ended up buying another guitar, a LXK2 Little Martin. They adjusted the action while we were there before my cousin made his final decision. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Decent prices. Highly recommended.



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