Dept 56 Halloween

My uncle have both Lemax Spooky Town and  D56. Generally speaking, I find dept 56 halloween to be more expensive but higher quality because the D56 buildings are mostly made of porcelain. The Lemax items  are made of plastic making them less expensive. The Lemax buildings have very creative animation, but they are usually a bit too “wacky” for my taste. While Micheal’s sells Lemax during the holidays (and that is very convenient), I have never seen Lemax for sale anywhere else. D56 items can be found at many specialty stores throughout the year and often times at 50% off.

The above is a long winded way of saying that while there are differences in D56 and Lemax. I recommend that you do not limit yourself to one company. I would draw upon the best of both to create your village. I hope you enjoy making your haunted villages as much as my uncle does.

Dept 56 Halloween



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