7 String Electrics

Gibson 7-stringI like the idea, and as an exclusive fingerstylist I would find that extra string is extremely useful. You can have as many strings as you want these days with custom bridge and pickup builders. Getting them to have a nice and even timbre is another story and involves some logistics.

I’ve been working on more fingerstyle jazz lately, and watching Lenny Breau and other guys who played 7 string electrics, I can see the advantage….

When arranging chord-melody tunes, you generally want to keep the melody line on the upper strings.Ibanez 7-String

Having an extra “high” string makes this easier, you have extended range.

Gibson 7-string Flying V

Epiphone Les Paul Classic 7-StringWith some standard melodies on 6 strings, you end up using the entire fretboard if you want to keep the melody line “up

However, I’m far too much of an old dog to be learning new tricks… I still have my fingers quite full with 6….


Gibson 7-string

Ibanez 7-String

Ibanez 7-String

Ibanez 7-String

Schecter 7-String

Schecter 7-String



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